Programs Overview

Based on feedback and our own experience we began to put programs together that are built to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to accelerate growth, get more traction and move faster into their target markets.

1) Physical Accelerator
You get access to other entrepreneurs from all over the world. Whenever you want to expand into another region or want to compare notes with entrepreneurs from specific industries, this is your place to do so.

2) Online Accelerator
Those who are Accelerator Alumni, Academy Alumni or part of any program will be listed on our game changer page and will provide additional exposure to selected investors.

3) Goinig Global
The WIForum leadership team took several company from zero to exit and from local to global. Everything they learned is packed into this program, helping entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs to address global markets faster than usual.

4) Mentoring
The World Innovations Forum Mentoring Program is generally unified across the world. Teams can expect the same mentor selection and mentor education in every country.

5) Free Pitch & Fundraising training
These programs have been provided in live sessions in San Francisco for several years. We now put it online and allow entrepreneurs from around the globe to participate.

6) Free entrepreneurship seminars
To our community we are providing quarterly online seminars for free.

7) Traction Tools
We provide technology that allows to create repeatable success with viral marketing campaigns, manages large numbers of online connections or manages online engagement initiatives. Members have access to those tools for an extended trial period for free and then great discounts.


Questions? Talk to us: +41-41-511-2600

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