Volunteering for more equality in prosperity World Innovations Forum consists of innovation stakeholder from currently 27 countries across the world, joining forces in creating prosperity equality from within their countries by strengthening innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. Society3’s purpose is creating self propelled prosperity in all nations. There are billions invested in creating ever more inventions - but nearly nothing to bring them into markets around the world.

We envision a world where prosperity is possible for all nations by increasing innovation and entrepreneurship locally.

Here at Society3, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If we can think it, we can create it. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of our respective societies.


How you can help
Think about what you wholeheartedly love and find a connection to what we do. Then help us with exactly what you love to do anyway. If you can't find the connection, look for others who may love what you do. It's the best what you can do for others and yourself.

Where we need help
- Help spreading the word, let others know what we do and help us help others
- Help organize local innovation and startup events
- Help find young entrepreneurs who struggle to grow
- Help find investors who look for investment opportunities
- Help connect us with corporates who struggle to get innovative
- Help bring us into governments who seek to improve innovation and economic growth
- Help mentor entrepreneurs
- Help us with connections to co-working spaces around the planet
- Help foreign entrepreneurs to start a business in your country
- Help us understand what we need to do in your country
- Help us find partners and sponsors
Whatever is your pation and profession, you will find a way to help.

Some possible benefits
- We provide you with a first class social media training
- If you consider to run once your own business, join an accelerator for free
- If you are in crypto currency, you get some tokens for your work - PRE ICO
- Being part of a massive global project is certainly a benefit in itself
- You will get a certificate for volunteering at this project
- If you want to travel the world, you get contacts to all our country ambassadors
- If you find something where we can help you, just ask
- Add this engagement to your LinkedIn profile and your resume
- If you are looking for access to startups or enterprises, you are in good company.

In case somebody asks you what you do: "You are working at Society3, a global organization helping innovative businesses to grow and create a positive impact on their economy and society".


Join as volunteer

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Thank you very much.