Getting involved as speaker
Society3 Entrepreneurs Engagement
If you are interested to speak at one of our next events, let us know and we would love to explore a speaker engagement.

Since our engagement is global we are open to explore speaker opportunities in any of our countries or at one of our global events, like the World Innovations Forum. Regarding speaker fees, we want to be quite clear upfront: most of us are volunteers and help young entrepreneurs to thrive. As such we do not have any speaker budgets. But if you like to engage and share your experience we would love to hear from you.

  • You are proficient in the innovation space
  • You have experience working with startups one way or the other
  • As an investor you are able to share at least three investments you made
  • As an entrepreneur you are able to share about at least one startup of your own
  • As an enabler you are able to share about how you helped startups in the past
  • You are OK that we make your presentation publicly available
  • You are fluent in English language
  • You agree that we can share any part or all of your speech in any way or shape
  • All speeches at World Innovations Forum events are given in English
  • You do not sell any products or services including your own
  • You will be available for networking with the audience after your speech

Please share your speaker credentials (in Engish)
1) We use LinkedIn for authentication.
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2) You will complete a few more questions.
3) We will get back to you shortly.