We are a young community of innovative minds such as entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, investors, mentors, enabler, supporter, government representatives with a vested interest to make innovators more successful.
To maintain a homogeneous group of like minded people we defined the following member requirements:

1) Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs
You are a founder, co-founder or founding employee of an innovative company producing a product or service that can be sold globally. This can be a young startup, a fast growing mid market company or a corporate innovation lab within an enterprise.

2) Investors
You are an angel or ventur investor and have experience or at least serious interests in investing in innovative businesses as described under Entrepreneurs (above). Your status in the developed countries should be equivalent to an accredited investor. Or you should have liquid assets woth ten times the
in your country to be accepted as an investor.

3) Enabler
You are a mentor for innovative businesses, actively engaged in an accelerator, incubator, Co-Working space, a technology or service provider for young innovative businesses, or supporting startups and similar businesses as beta tester or helping by spreading the word online.

4) Speakers
You are an experienced entrepreneur, investor or mentor and want to share your experience, we are always looking for speakers and moderators for our national and global events.